UD logo“Our mission is to raise awareness and appreciation for the outdoors by providing fun and educational adventures for all ages and experience levels.”

UpaDowna started it’s life as a celebration of the classic adventurer’s tradition of enjoying a cold beer after a great day outdoors, hence the name “Up a mountain, Down a beer” which is the backbone of many outdoor adventurer’s post celebration of a job well done.

UpaDowna has now evolved to fill a need within the outdoor community to educate and promote adventure for all ages and abilities to include folks looking towards either an introduction to the outdoors or and advancement on presently held skills. UpaDowna’s vision includes launching a Jr. Explorers club for children, expanding the outdoor gear and product review section as well as developing classes and adventures from day hikes to expeditions through out the Pikes Peak region. UpaDowna is here to break down the barriers to a fulfilling and exciting life of adventure. For more information, please visit UpaDowna. Also check out the UpaDowna ClimbFUND.