Mobile Music Project

 Mobile Music Project  

Like many of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation's initiatives, the Mobile Music Project (MMP) began with a big idea.  

 "Wouldn't it be cool if..."

  • "We could have a concert in the middle of the woods, miles from the nearest electrical outlet?"  
  • "The entire setup could be transported by bicycle?"
  • "The entire event could be POWERED by bicycle?"

 Yes.  It would be cool.  And now we can.

The Mobile Music Project, a human-powered music venue, emphasizes the importance of a healthy bike culture and the impact that music and art have on our daily lives. The Mobile Music Project is the brainchild of local musician Brendan Hannigan and local bike advocate Allen Beauchamp and highlights local collaboration and craftsmanship powered with the human body. Come ride with us!

 We are excited to present the following artists:

Brendan Hannigan
Lazarus Blehm
Taylor Weimer
The Black Flamingos

If you would like to schedule a visit from the Mobile Music Project, please contact the Project Team.




We’re Spontaneous.

stay tuned for more show announcements.