About Us


Our Vision and Mission

PPCF will boldly commit to dramatically improve the quality of life in the Pikes Peak region. Through education and our actions, we will improve the understanding of, appreciation for, and the practice of philanthropy.

To accomplish our mission of advancing community philanthropy, we will build our foundation in assets and capabilities.  We will strive to become a dynamic focal point of public philanthropy in our community.

Our Values

We believe that:

  • Responsible Philanthropic Investment is essential for the well-being of the citizens of our community.

  • Integrity and Credibility are fundamental to our ability to serve our donor clients, our nonprofit clients and the community as a whole.  We practice good stewardship in service to our clients.
  • Working Cooperatively for local impact is central to our reason for being.  We cannot operate in isolation; instead, we actively seek ways to engage with the community at large to maintain our relevance over time.
  • Service and Caring are basic tenets that ensure we treat our donors, grantees, stakeholders, board members, and staff with respect and dignity, and strive to be a source of knowledge and guidance for them. We strive to make giving easy through excellent service. Our credo for client service includes: ethical and fiscal accountability; responsiveness to client needs; and trustworthy stewardship of the resources we are given.

Our Strategic Goals

  • We will sustain the growth of PPCF as a highly effective resource for donors that has maximum impact on the quality of life in the Pikes Peak region.

  • We will create grant-making and program activities that will effectively address important issues facing the Pikes Peak region.

  • We will heighten the visibility and awareness of PPCF.

  • We will create a financially sustainable business design and growth plan for PPCF.