What We Do

  • We make grants that support great people who have great ideas to improve our community.

  • We operate high impact programs such as Venetucci Farm, the Fund for the Arts, Pikes Peak Urban Gardens, the Erikson Fund, the Mary Starsmore Fund, the Pikes Peak Conservation Fund, Pinello Ranch, and the new Gordon Jackson Foundation at Aspen Valley Ranch to create maximum benefit for our community.

  • We create custom-designed charitable gift funds for individuals, families, and businesses. Examples include donor-advised funds, donor-designated funds, endowment funds, memorial funds, and scholarship funds.

  • We provide a simple, flexible, and inexpensive alternative to setting up a private or family foundation.

  • We build permanent endowment funds that can benefit our community forever.

  • We offer maximum tax advantages for charitable giving. In addition, we can accept a wide range of assets.

  • We preserve and honor the intentions of donors who create funds within the Community Foundation.

  • We maintain extensive files about local nonprofit organizations and provide timely information for donors who want to support those organizations.

To learn more, please review PPCF at a Glance.