For Individuals and Families

 Top Ten Things to Know about PPCF

  1. Philanthropy should be exciting, enjoyable, and meaningful. The Foundation can help you make connections with other people, with great organizations in our community, and help you become part of a community of donors.
  2. You receive maximum tax advantages and charitable deductibility, especially for gifts of appreciated securities, real property, or planned gifts.
  3. The Foundation has a dedicated Board of Directors and a professional staff.
  4. The Foundation is professionally managed using conservative and time-tested investment strategies.
  5. The Foundation is a tremendous alternative to a private/family foundation. No startup costs, no excise tax, no distribution requirements, no tax return, no complicated IRS reports or regulations, and best of all, the maximum charitable tax deduction.
  6. The Foundation can be a resource for information and knowledge about charitable giving and community needs, with access to critical and timely information about the organizations that you wish to support.
  7. Your Fund can be a permanent expression of your charitable values and goals and benefit the causes you care about far into the future. You can teach your children or even grandchildren the value of philanthropy by involving them in the decisions you make with your Fund.
  8. A fund at PPCF can be a powerful and flexible way to conduct your philanthropy, letting you determine the degree of involvement you wish to have in your charitable giving, from maximum recognition to complete anonymity.
  9. PPCF simplifies and organizes charitable giving for you.
  10. We help people create custom-designed charitable funds.