How We Can Help You

We provide support for you to give effectively—and from the heart.

We start by listening to you. Then we respond with ideas and services that are custom-designed for your charitable goals and aspirations.

Donor Services

As part of our personalized services to our donors, our staff stands ready to answer your questions and consult with you. Whether in person, over the phone, or online, our entire donor services team is ready to provide assistance on any issue related to your philanthropy and long-term strategies.

Strategic Giving Plans

We are available to provide community insight and expertise to shape your personal interests and goals into a strategic giving plan that’s right for you, including recommending organizations and funding opportunities to consider supporting.

Community Knowledge

We can connect you with community organizations that are in line with your interests, keep you notified of current philanthropic trends and research specific nonprofits at your request. We can even take you on field trips to different nonprofit organizations!

Educational Workshops and Events

We offer regular events and workshops—many exclusively for our donors—on topics such as creating a strategic giving plan, evaluating nonprofits, involving your family or issue-specific seminars.

Future Gift Planning

Because everyone’s circumstances change over the years, our gift planning team is always available to recommend planned giving tools to meet longer-term financial and giving objectives.