Why Establish a Fund at PPCF?

Our simplest, yet most flexible fund option is a donor advised fund. A donor advised fund can provide an attractive alternative to a private or family foundation.


  • You gain maximum deductibility.
  • Your named fund reflects your charitable values in perpetuity.
  • You save time and energy—no paperwork hassles, no accounting, no bookkeeping, no special tax return.
  • We take care of the details.
  • No excise tax.
  • No 5% minimum distribution requirement.
  • No complicated rules and regulations.
Remember that we can also serve as a powerful tool for estate planning.

Other Choices for Effective Giving

  • We can help you use a bequest, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and other planned gifts to create a community and/or a family legacy.
  • We work closely with your professional legal and financial advisors to create a thoughtful charitable giving plan.
  • We have a wide variety of services and fund types available to you; you can enjoy the flexibility of donor advised funds and donor designated funds in which you recommend or specify grant recipients.
  • We can establish endowment funds to support a specific organization in perpetuity.
  • We can create scholarship funds to help deserving students achieve their educational goals.
  • And many more thoughtful options for your unique circumstances.