About the Farm

Located on the southwestern edge of Colorado Springs, this historic 190 acre urban farm, known as the “Pumpkin Farm”, was established by the Venetucci Family in 1936. In later years, Nick and Bambi Venetucci were known for giving away thousands of pumpkins each fall to area school children. The Pikes Peak Community foundation is thrilled to keep that tradition alive today.

Wanting to preserve this valuable piece of land as a farm, the Venetuccis put it into conservancy and gifted it to the Pikes Peak Community Foundation in 2006. Thanks to the generosity of the Venetucci Family and the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, Venetucci Farm is a working farm committed to growing healthy food and providing positive experiences for the Colorado Springs community.

Mission Statement

We use our head, heart, and hands to grow and distribute healthy food for our community in a way that conserves, protects, and restores the natural environment. We provide meaningful educational and volunteer work experiences to re-connect people with the source of their food, to foster community awareness of food issues, and to enhance community health. We honor the legacy of Nick and Bambi Venetucci, and the spirit of generosity reflected in the principles of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation.

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What we Grow (& Where we Sell it!)

Venetucci Farm has become famous for its large pumpkin patch and for the annual Pumpkins4Kids give-away program  – but we also proudly grow more than 100 different varieties of chemical-free vegetables and herbs!  Additionally, the farm is home to pastured heritage hogs, grass-finished cows, and a large flock of laying hens.

Our products are sold locally through our CSA Program, farmers markets, Colorado Farm and Art Market, an on-site farm stand, and local restaurants including Adams Mountain CafeBon AppetitPizzeria Rustica and Broadmoor Restaurants.

Venetucci Farm is a proud member of the Arkansas Valley Growers Cooperative.

How We Grow It

We recognize that “soil in good heart” is at the root of healthy plants, healthy food, healthy people and a healthy planet.  With that in mind, we employ farming practices that restore and enhance the health of the soil.  Aware of the damaging effects chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides have on the ecosystem above and below the soil surface, we choose not to use them.  Instead, we rely on minimal tillage, cover and inter-cropping, composting, diverse and rotational cropping, careful seed selection, and the integration of farm animals to help build the soil and create a healthy, diverse farm ecosystem.

Connect with a Healthier Lifestyle

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA):

A CSA is a mutually beneficial relationship that connects consumers with local growers. Consumers are offered fresh, healthy, locally grown food and the opportunity to know exactly how it is grown. Farmers are afforded a reliable, local, and committed market for their goods.  With a preseason payment, you purchase a “share” of the season’s harvest from Venetucci Farm.  As a shareholder, you will receive a weekly box of our fresh, seasonal produce during the 18 week season (beginning in the middle of June and ending in the middle of October).
Other CSA programs in our area include the Arkansas Valley Organic Growers (AVOG) and the Buying Club at Hunt or Gather.
Find out More about CSA and how you can join.

Venetucci Cows

We’re ready to put in orders for the beef cows that will help keep the farm’s pastures in good health, and provide a quality product for beef lovers come November. This year, Patrick will graze the cows on the pastures at Pinello Ranch.

These hormone-free, antibiotic-free cattle spend the last six months of their lives helping us develop healthy pastures through intensive, rotational grazing. The cows are moved daily to fresh pasture to ensure adequate forage, consistent impact, and to prevent overgrazing. The cows are harvested in late October and processed at the Ranch Food Direct processing facility in Colorado Springs. Beef can be purchased in bulk or individual cuts. We are taking orders now for quarter, half, and whole cows.  Find out more.

Living Close to Home: Urban Homesteading and Sustainability Classes

Venetucci Farm now offers lectures, classes and events called the Living Close to Home Series.  Our full slate of classes include: Chicken Butchering, Making Goat Cheese, Raising Backyard Chickens and Guided Birding Hikes.  If you enjoy being part of the creative process behind food, these “Living Close to Home” classes are for you. Find out more.

Local Food News

Nothing is more important to us than the health and wellness of our community. This newsletter will offer tips, information and DIY projects from Venetucci Farm, Hunt or Gather, and Pikes Peak Urban Gardens. We hope you’ll take us up on this opportunity to learn how to grow a healthier lifestyle and promote a thriving community.

Join Us!

We invite the community to join us by taking advantage of the many meaningful education and volunteer opportunities we offer. In addition to our Summer Programs for Kids, we give farm tours, sustainable lifestyle classes and service learning opportunities for school and community groups in the spring and fall.

We also welcome volunteers throughout the growing season

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