Colorado Wildfire Equine Fund


Raging wildfires in Colorado have caused destruction that is believed to be the worst in Colorado history. The fire is centered in Black Forest, northeast of Colorado Springs and southeast of Denver. As of Friday morning, the fires are not yet contained.

Two people are confirmed dead in the fires, and more than 350 homes have been confirmed as destroyed. More than 15,000 acres have already burned, and there are about 38,000 people in the mandatory evacuation zone.

Black Forest has a heavy population of horse owners, and officials estimate that nearly 500 horses have been moved to temporary relocation centers, including the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Equestrian Center and fairgrounds such as those in Callahan and Kiowa. Many more have been moved to private facilities or were turned loose before the approaching fires.
All donated funds will be disbursed to qualifying nonprofit organizations providing equine relief; if you desire to designate your funds to a specific nonprofit organization, such as the (1) U.S. Air Force Academy Equestrian Center or (2) the    Latigo facility supported by the  Pikes Peak Range Riders Foundation please indicate your designation via email to