Waldo Canyon Heroes Book Fund


The Waldo Canyon Heroes Book Fund will provide underwriting cost for the production and publication of “Signs of Hope: A Tribute to the Heroes of Waldo Canyon”.  100% of the funds raised in the Heroes Book Fund will go support to the costs of printing this high quality coffee-table book.  Additionally, 100% of the sales of the book itself will go to the Waldo Canyon Firefighters Fund, another fund managed by the Pikes Peak Community Foundation.

“Signs of Hope” is a 36 page, hardbound, coffee-table book that tells an amazing photographic story of the creative, spontaneous, and heartfelt thank-you signs that were created and posted by individuals, schools, and businesses in the western neighborhoods of Colorado Springs following the Waldo Canyon fire.  These signs cropped up on houses, fences, automobiles, roadsides, and everywhere in between.  Find out more.

The purpose of this book is to help people remember more than the searing images of choking smoke, wind-whipped flames, burned out homes, and utterly panicked faces among their friends and family.  “These signs tell ‘the rest of the story’ that I hope people hold onto – mentally and now physically thanks to the ‘Signs of Hope’ book – for many years to come,” says author Jake Martens. 

Members of the community may support the “Signs of Hope” book by donating online here at the Pikes Peak Community Foundation.