Venetucci Water for the Future Fund



Venetucci Farm needs help from everyday heroes, in a big way… right now.

Because of the drought across Colorado, all of our efforts to preserve this gem for future generations may be down the drain.

For decades, Venetucci Farm has purchased “augmentation water” from a group called the Colorado Well Protective Development Association (CWPDA). So, you might ask: “Why would we need to purchase augmentation water?”

Because under current Colorado water law, even though Venetucci Farm has tremendous resources of groundwater right under the Farm, and even though we have court rulings that tell us we have the right to use that water, we are required to buy an approximately equal amount of augmentation water in order to pump even a gallon of water to grow food for people and pumpkins for children.

Buying surface water rights to "self-augment" our ground water, the absolute best case solution for the future, will cost about $2 million. We will probably need to raise that amount within a year, and we need tremendous help from many people to do it.

Can you help?  Can you give, and can you connect and refer us to others who can give?

As an added bonus, remember that Venetucci Farm is a project of the Enterprise Zone, so gifts come with a 25% Colorado State tax credit!! For example, a $500 gift would receive a $125 state tax credit.

Pikes Peak Community Foundation and Venetucci Farm exist to serve our community. We give generously of our time, funding, and expertise to support hundreds of important local causes. We rarely ask for anything in return… until now.

Please help us save Venetucci Farm.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Michael Hannigan and the hard-working, passionate staff and volunteers of Venetucci Farm