Erikson Fund Grants Program

Deadline for 2014: August 15

The Gerald F. Erikson Fund honors the charitable legacy of a person who cared deeply about the challenges facing visually impaired and blind people. The Fund accepts proposals from qualified nonprofit organizations that provide effective solutions to issues and challenges faced by this part of our Colorado population.

We have moved to an online application process.  You can access the online application here:

Online Application

To continue a saved application: click here

To complete the online application, you will need access to the following information:

  • Amount requested
  • Specific purpose for the funds requested
  • Need for and expected impact of the project in the community
  • Statement and description of how the funds will be expended
  • Statement of how you will measure the success of the project
Required Baseline Information
  • Organization contact information and one-paragraph history
  • Key personnel and their brief qualifications
  • Amount requested
  • List of other recent grants received and other grant applications pending
  • List of Board of Directors and their principal occupations
  • Copy of IRS tax-exempt letter
  • Names, titles, and phone/email for three professionals (not board or staff) who can serve as references for the work of your organization
  • Signature of either Executive Director or Board Chair certifying that this grant application has been approved for submission by the Board of Directors
Required Financial Information
  • Current fiscal year-to-date balance sheet
  • Current fiscal year-to-date actual income and actual expenses compared to board-approved budget

PPCF reserves the right to request additional information such as the 990 IRS tax return or most recent audit/financial review.

Make sure you address these questions in the proposal:

  • Does the proposal address community needs efficiently and cost effectively?
  • Does the organization operate with optimal staff and make maximum use of volunteers?
  • Do 100% of board members make a personal financial contribution and volunteer their time to the organization?
  • Does the organization demonstrate sound fiscal management practices?
  • Does the organization avoid duplicating existing programs or services?
  • Does the organization collaborate with others providing similar services?
  • Does the organization identify outcomes resulting from possible funding?
Other Considerations

PPCF Erikson’s Fund generally does not fund the following (absent special circumstances):

  • Grants to organizations that do not have an active 501(c)(3) tax status (government entities such as city and county governments and school districts are also eligible to apply for Erikson funding)
  • Grants outside of the state of Colorado
  • Grants to another foundation or organization that distributes money to nonprofit recipients of its own selection.
  • Debt retirement, endowments or other reserve funds
  • Grants to individuals or for individual healthcare procedures
  • Medical, scientific, or academic research
  • Grants that further political doctrine or religious doctrine
  • Non-strategic purposes such as: Sponsorships, camperships, travel, vehicle purchases, conference fees, symposium fees, workshop fees, writing, publications, or distribution of books, articles, newsletters, electronic media, annual memberships, dinners, etc.
If you have trouble accessing the online application, please email Sara Barad at, or call 719-389-1251.

Please be aware that, in general, non-profit organizations may only submit one proposal in each 12-month time period.