Guidelines for UpaDowna Climb Fund


Who should apply:

  1. Groups that want to expose their constituents to climbing
  2. Priority in funding will be given to local organizations.
  3. The Climb Fund supports groups with like-minded goals of promoting outdoor, active lifestyles


Priorities for funding:

  1. The goal of the ClimbFund is to provide opportunities for those who wouldn’t normally be able to climb.
  2. Groups that can contribute some portion of the cost will help the Climb Fund aid more people.
  3. There are no age limitations.


How to apply

  1. Applications are considered on a rolling basis. For best results, please submit your application at least 30 days before the proposed climbing event.
  2. Fill out the application as completely as possible. Missing information will delay the review of your application.
  3. Please contact the climbing organization of your choice BEFORE applying and ensure they have availability for the date and group size you are considering. You can also get the rate information to fill in on the application. You are responsiblefor making any arrangements (deposits or otherwise) to hold the date while you are awaiting the results of your funding request.
  4. To apply, please Download the grant application.
  5. Submit your completed application to


Results and Re-application

  1. A representative of the Climb Fund staff should contact you within 7 days of applying. You may be invited to apply again if funding is not immediately available
  2. If you do receive funding, you will be required to fill out a form detailing your experience with the UpaDowna Climb Fund


What the Climb Fund does NOT cover:

  1. Equipment purchase
  2. Climbing parties
  3. Scholarships to colleges or universities