Endowments and Reserve Funds: Our "1% Solution"

Endowment and reserve funds are critically important to charitable nonprofit organizations. They make the difference between surviving challenging times and closing the doors for good. 

Pikes Peak Community Foundation makes establishing an endowment or reserve fund quick, easy, and affordable.  Take a look at the advantages of what we call the “1 % Solution.” This cost-effective program can help your nonprofit significantly enhance its long term potential!

The 1% Solution includes the following advantages:

  • Total investment and administrative fees will not exceed 1% of the balance of the fund on an annual basis.
  • PPCF’s conservative investment strategies, combined with careful oversight of professional investment managers, outperformed benchmarks even in the tough economic downturn of 2008.
  • We make setting up the structure for a fund simple and flexible, depending on whether you need a true endowment or simply a designated fund.
  • We process all stock gifts to your fund.
  • We provide a secure space in our “online giving center” for donors to give directly to your fund.
  • We provide sound advice on accepting gifts of real estate, artwork, jewelry, or other special gifts.
  • We provide guidance to help you create intelligent spending policies for endowment funds.
  • We provide advice, and services as needed, for any planned gifts you may receive.
  • We can help with up-to-date philanthropic counseling to your donors or potential donors about tax advantages, methods of giving, or other more complex strategies for charitable giving.
  • We provide “24-7” access to your funds through our web-based  “Donor Central”.

For more information, please email us or call 719-389-1251.