Legacy Projects

Aspen Valley Ranch

Gordon Jackson's Legacy

Gordon Jackson left his ranch as a resource to our community: He envisioned a peaceful place that would teach future generations about the natural beauty that makes Colorado spectacular.

A Place to Learn

Education Programs on the Ranch

Aspen Valley is a community resource for education and training programs. The ranch hosts programs dedicated to outdoor education, outdoor survival, gardening and other pursuits.


Hiking and Biking on the Ranch

We want people to enjoy the property. It is a unique space, and we have to manage private property differently than if it were a public park or government-owned space.

For that reason, we ask that you follow these rules:

  1. Each cyclist and hiker is expected to sign and date a waiver
  2. Please respect the trail closed sign when we have special events or increased fire danger on the property
  3. Please be respectful of other students, guests and staff on the Ranch
  4. Park in designated parking areas
  5. The Ranch is not open for hiking or biking during high fire danger periods

In an effort to keep the trail safe, we alternate hiking and biking days:

Biking on the property Wednesday and Friday: 8am – 11am

Hiking on the property Tuesday and Thursday: 8am – 11am