Edson Foundation


The Opportunity: Social Enterprise Development

Edson Foundation has a new strategic focus with an emphasis on building sustainability for nonprofits through a social enterprise development program and start-up financing.

Edson Foundation is selecting one organization to receive start-up capital and participation in a social enterprise development program. There will be ONE award package which will include the following.

  • Grant of $10,000 to assist in technical assistance, planning and start-up costs for a social enterprise of a nonprofit
  • Participation in a six month social enterprise development program with the Quad Innovation Partnership.
  • Program Related Investment (zero or low-interest loan) of up to $40,000 to launch the social enterprise

Eligibility to Submit an LOI

Edson Foundation

Guidelines and Timeline

  • March: Nonprofit Training – Using Social Enterprise for Sustainability
  • Early April: LOI due to PPCF
  • Late April: Nonprofit selected for inclusion in program

For more information on the Edson Foundation, contact Mina Liebert at (719) 445-0604, or email mliebert@ppcf.org