Mesa Road Garden is a demonstration garden dedicated to helping people have beautiful yards while conserving water resources.

Located at: 2855 Mesa Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904 – Always open

The mission of the Friends of the Mesa Road Garden will is to educate of the general public about the importance of water conservation in our semi-arid region.

A Demonstration Garden:

The garden serves as a complete resource for people seeking information about water wise landscaping (Xeriscape). First, it features over 1,000 different low water plants in two acres of landscaped area. Second, it demonstrates different water wise landscape materials and styles. Third, the garden serves as a test site for potential water conserving plants new to cultivation in Colorado Springs. It has served as a resource for homeowners, landscape professionals, and commercial property owners for over twenty years.

Almost half of the water used in a residential setting is for landscaping.  Typically, 56% of the monthly water used by a household is attributable to inside use (dishwasher, washing machines, showers, etc.) and the remainder is used for landscaping (44%).   Through classes and garden tours of adults and school children, many residents have developed an appreciation of the benefits of Xeriscape landscaping but much education still is necessary.

The Volunteers:

Volunteers have been an integral part of maintaining and improving the garden since its inception, ranging from just a few committed individuals in 1990 to over 40 volunteers in 2012. On average volunteers donate between 1,500 and 2,000 total hours per year.  In 2011, the average number of hours volunteered per person was 38.2 hours. They are very committed to educating the community.  The volunteers (Friends of the Mesa Road Garden) applied to Pikes Peak Community Foundation in May of 2013 to become an independent nonprofit organization to work in cooperation with Colorado Springs Utilities that established the garden.

Current Project:

To better meet the mission of education of the public a garden master plan was completed in 2011. The plan includes a newly expanded area to demonstrate various front yard types of water conserving landscapes. Having “sample” front yards will educate and attract more people to visit the XDG. Construction began in the fall of 2012 and will continue through 2014.   The Friends group has committed to help with enhancements to this project.

Free to the public, our gardens offer the opportunity to see a low water, attractive and sustainable landscape suitable to our region. We encourage you to visit throughout the year to see how the beautiful variety of plants and trees change with the seasons.