Venetucci School Programs

Farm Animals & Our Heritage

Working as a team

Venetucci Farm’s animals have more than one job, and each needs special care in order to be happy and healthy. Students learn how farmers keep the animals, and thereby the farm, healthy.

Key Concepts for Students

Grades K-2

  • Animals have more than one job on a farm
  • Animals have certain instincts & needs (chickens want to scratch and roost, pigs want to root in the ground & wallow in mud, horses run from predators and graze grass)
  • Caring for animals is a lot of work
  • Much of our food comes from animals, directly or indirectly

Grades 3-5

  • Heritage breeds and their importance
  • Sustainable v. Industrial farming systems
  • Humane animal treatment
  • Animal contributions to soil health
  • Animals’ role in turning solar energy into food fertilizer
  • Advantages that animals provide over tractors

Colorado Science Standards

Each class at Venetucci Farm is tailored to the needs and interests of groups from preschool to college. We will work with each individual teacher to find out what their class needs are and to emphasize the appropriate grade level science benchmarks.

Teacher Resources

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy: A great resource on rare “heritage” breeds of farm animals, including many that we have at Venetucci Farm.


The Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America: Background information on a heritage breed of horse we have at Venetucci. Dick and Ted are Belgian Draft Horses


Footsteps Farm – Tamworth Hogs Page: A succinct summary about the kind of pigs we raise at Venetucci Farm. This rare heritage breed is hardy and a good forager, which makes it a great fit for our farm.


Henderson’s Handy-Dandy Chicken Chart: A fun guide to the many varieties of chickens out there including various characteristics.

Registration & Key Info

Classes Begin September 5, 2017
To register please contact David Rudin, Education Coordinator

  • 15 student minimum per class
  • All classes are outdoors, please plan accordingly
  • Teachers and chaperones are invited free of charge
  • Cost is $5 per student