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Funds with a Targeted Purpose

In addition to creating individual funds, we administer many funds that were created for a designated purpose. These funds may have grown out of a memorial fund, field of interest, or nonprofit fund. Learn more about each fund type below.

Nonprofit Endowment Funds

We partner with nonprofits to create a permanent source of income. Nonprofits can create endowment funds under the Community Foundation umbrella to stabilize and strengthen programs.See Nonprofit Funds»

Field of Interest Funds

Funds have been established to fund a specific cause through an annual competitive grants process. The Community Foundation reviews applications and meets the changing needs of the community in any given year.

See Field of Interest Funds»

Affiliate Funds

Geographic regions near Pikes Peak have created affiliate funds that focus specifically on the needs of that region. The Community Foundation assists these communities in raising funds.  See Affiliate Funds»

Memorial Funds

A memorial endowment fund gives you the time and flexibility to determine how to create a lasting legacy in honor of a loved one when they pass away.

See Memorial Funds»

Legacy Projects

The Community Foundation is the steward of Legacy Projects that honor donor intent far into the future. These projects have an enduring relationship with PPCF.

See Legacy Projects»

Emergency Relief Fund

When a crisis or natural disaster strikes, the Community Foundation is ready to respond to community needs. Fires and floods have been funding through a broad based community response.

Make a Gift Now

If you are ready to make a direct contribution to your favorite cause, you can mail a check directly to Pikes Peak Community Foundation with the fund of your choice in the memo line. You can also contribute any planned gift or other asset into one of these funds, just call us to consult more on that option. Or, you can make an online contribution using a credit card.