Proactive Grantmaking

In 2017, we took time to receive input from a variety of stakeholders regarding our community grants process. We heard from many that high impact, strategic grants would make a meaningful difference for our community. Read below to learn how this has impacted our community grants.

PPCF’s discretionary grantmaking through the Everett Charitable Trust is dedicated to advancing large, community-wide initiatives that benefit as many citizens as possible. Other community grantmaking is done through two invitation-only funds: Gerald Erikson Trust and the Edson Foundation Fund. Below, you’ll find more information about these three funds.

Edson Foundation Fund

Edson Foundation has a strategic focus that emphasizes building sustainability for nonprofits through a social enterprise development program and start-up financing.

The Edson Foundation advisory board selects one organization to receive start-up capital and participation in a social enterprise development program. There will be ONE award package which includes the following:

  • Grant of $10,000 to assist in technical assistance, planning, and start-up costs for a social enterprise of a nonprofit
  • Participation in a six month social enterprise development program with the Quad Innovation Partnership
  • Program Related Investment (zero or low-interest loan) of up to $40,000 to launch the social enterprise

Contact the Foundation for information regarding upcoming workshops and application dates.

Guidelines and Timeline

  • March: Nonprofit Training – Using Social Enterprise for Sustainability
  • Early April: LOI due to PPCF
  • Late April: Nonprofit selected for inclusion in program

Gerald Erikson Trust Fund

History: The Erikson Trust was established in 2001 in honor of Gerald Erikson who cared deeply about the challenges facing people experiencing blindness and visual impairment. The focus of this funding is specific to programs and projects that serve people experiencing blindness and visual impairment in Colorado.

Grant Parameters: Organizations must be a qualified 501(c)3 public charity serving the state of Colorado. Strong priority will be given to organizations serving the Pikes Peak Region.

What the Trust will fund

  • Programs or project specific funding only;
  • Single-year funding opportunities

Applications for funding are by invitation only.

Guidelines and Timeline

  • Due Date: Annually in June
  • Maximum Grant: $25,000
  • Submit up to 3 pages, single spaced with 11pt. font in PDF format
  • Email application and required attachments to

E.M. & F.E. Everett Charitable Trust Fund of Pikes Peak Community Foundation

History: The Everett Trust was created in 2001 from the estate of Esther M Everett. Her desires were to fund charitable projects in the Pikes Peak region.

Since the establishment of the Trust, we have granted more than $4 million towards various organizations and, more recently, toward community-wide initiatives in the Pikes Peak Region. At this time, the Trust does not accept applications for funding.

Recent Grants

  • $100,000 for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum
  • $30,000 in support of the Giving Together Co-Funding Initiative
  • $25,000 to Panorama Park in support of the accessible playground

Facts & Figures

PPCF by the Numbers

In 2019, PPCF granted almost $6 million through 726 grants. Two funds in particular, the Community Impact Funds for Conservation and for the Arts, are two of our revitalized collaborative giving funds that continue to receive gifts from community members and are guided by a community team of grant influencers. 2019 also saw the large-scale launch of the Pikes Peak Real Estate Foundation which works with community members and fundholders who want to contribute to philanthropy in creative ways by leveraging real estate assets.