Why Choose Us?

PPCF is a public charity with the flexibility to manage virtually any type of gift for any charitable purpose.

Simple, Personalized Service

We will tailor your fund to meet your values, interests, and objectives. Together, we’ll make sure you achieve your charitable goals.

Expertise in the Pikes Peak Region

We have particular expertise in assessing community needs and designing solutions. We also make well-informed grants to organizations outside of those areas with recommendations from our donor advisors.

Tax Benefits

We offer the highest level of tax benefits for charitable giving. You can give a wide variety of property: cash, stocks, closely held securities, real estate or personal property – all while receiving maximum tax benefits.


PPCF will always honor your original charitable intent. An individual charity may change its mission over time — or even cease to exist, but permanent endowment funds at the Foundation will benefit the community in your name, for the purposes you specify, forever.

Investment Management

We professionally manage our investments using the services of the foremost investment consultants in our area. We employ investment pools and individually managed funds assigned to specific investment management firms. Your investment recommendations are always welcome.