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Grants Awarded

In 2019, $5.9 million in grants were awarded to nonprofits. The majority of grants, 82%, are recommended from donor directed grants. The remaining 18% is awarded through a variety of designated grants the Community Foundation administers.

Annual Report

2019 Annual Report


In 2019, we launched an intentional focus on igniting a passion for collective giving in the Pikes Peak Region. Two funds in particular, the Community Impact Funds for Conservation and for the Arts, are two of our revitalized collabortive giving funds that continue to receive gifts from community members and are guided by a community team of grant influencers. 2019 also saw the large-scale launch of the Pikes Peak Real Estate Foundation which works with community members and fundholders who want to contribute to philanthropy in creative ways by leveraging real estate assets.

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Community Impact: By the Numbers

Leslie Sabin, CPA


Leslie Sabin, CPA is our Vice President of Finance & Operations. She has over 10 years of experience in nonprofit and foundation finance and accounting. If you have any questions or concerns about your fund balance, investment performance or Foundation financials, please give Leslie a call.