Our History

Since 1928

Rooted in History

Colorado Springs Community Trust founded in 1928

Our origin dates back to 1928 with the creation of the Colorado Springs Community Trust by visionary citizens who believed that the Pikes Peak region needed a way to build a permanent charitable endowment to improve the quality of life in our community. The Trust was a collection of separate trusts managed by three local banks: US Bank, Bank One and Wells Fargo.

In 1996, Board members of the Community Trust determined that establishing a community foundation would best serve the needs of philanthropists and a growing community. In 1998, Pikes Peak Community Foundation and the Colorado Springs Community Trust begin operating alongside each other with combined administrative and grantmaking objectives. The Colorado Springs Community Trust was fully dissolved into Pikes Peak Community Foundation in 2009.

Since the first grant was made more than 90 years ago, the Community Foundation has made an estimated $117 million investment in our region.

Key Dates in our History

  • 1928: Colorado Springs Community Trust (CSCT) is created
  • 1996: Community Foundation Serving Southern Colorado is founded
  • 1998: Name changed to Pikes Peak Community Foundation (PPCF) to more accurately reflect geographic region served
  • 2009: CSCT is dissolved into PPCF as one organization
  • Today: Over $70,000,000 in grants have been distributed to nonprofits

Building for the Future

The visionary and caring citizens who created the original Community Trust in 1928 held the same belief that we hold today: that giving back is both an honor and a responsibility. And, by working together, we can make this place better for the people who live here, now and forever.