Local Food with a Purpose

The Pikes Peak Community Foundation is proud to present Hunt or Gather, a local food buying club that supports our local food system all the way from seed to plate.

Ivywild Location is now Closed.

For questions or to sign up for the Buying Club, please contact us at at huntorgatherivywild@gmail.com.

Mission and Values

We aim to provide access to local, chemical-free, fresh, and healthy food and to educate our community about the benefits of these foods. We believe in rebuilding our local food economy, which works towards creating a more vibrant community. Strengthening our local food economy protects local farms and encourages and supports new farmers. As consumers, we can invest in local farms that are producing food in ways that nurture our environment and our community.


A long-term, economically sustainable local food system for everyone, from seed to plate.

Our Local Food Community

Hunt or Gather is proud to be part of a wider effort in Colorado Springs to build a strong local food economy. Learn more about local food system work:

Commitment and Standards

  • We only source organically- either from farmers who are certified or practice organic farming methods. We believe that animals and land should be managed using sustainable, humane practices. No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, unnatural preservatives, or genetically modified organisms for you, your family, or your rural landscape.
  • We intimately know the story of how every item we offer came to us and can share it with you.
  • We are committed to growing the local foodshed. Growing the local foodshed means building new infrastructure and creating new opportunities for growth, not just reinventing the wheel and expecting things to change. We’re passionate about forging new pathways for local food to flow through the community.
  • As we learn, grow, and understand more about our food system, we are committed to 100% transparency, sharing and educating the community. We invite and encourage you to help us on this journey as well.