Buying Club


The Hunt or Gather Buying Club allows you to purchase local food direct from producers at wholesale prices.  As a member, you can order your favorite organic fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, packaged items, and more, and get a great price on them.  At the same time, you’ll be strengthening our local food economy and supporting local farms.

How to Join

What is a Buying Club?

A buying club is a group of people working together to place bulk quantity orders direct from producers at wholesale prices. Members pre-order the items they want, then the club orders as a group and distributes each member’s items. Members get their orders at near-wholesale prices, much cheaper than retail stores can sell these items. An annual membership fee keeps the whole club operating.

What is the difference between a buying club and a CSA?

A buying club allows you to place orders for the specific foods items that you want, when you want them. In a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program), the member pays for the season upfront and receives a basket of various foods that are in season at each pickup. Both are great ways to get local produce direct from farmers – many of our customers are both buying club and CSA members!

What kind of food is available?

Our buying club includes vegetables, fruit, meat, cheeses, honey, grains, juices, jams, and more from local farmers and producers. Almost everything you see in the store (and much more!) is available through the buying club, although availability varies week to week.

What are the quantities like?

Many items, such as meats, eggs, and cheeses, are available in the same retail-oriented small quantities you’ll find in our store. But if you order in bulk, the savings add up even more. The produce available through the buying club is often in larger quantities. If you have a large family, like to can and preserve, or just get hungry for a flat of peaches in the summer, the bulk quantities offer a great value. Or, some of our customers share a membership with friends and split larger cases.

How much does it cost to join the club?

H/G’s Buying Club membership fee is $50 a year. Additionally, on each order, members pay the wholesale price of their items plus 10%. Since most supermarkets markup their products by as much as 60-100%, the buying club offers a substantial savings. The membership fee and 10% markup offset H/G’s administration costs.

How does it work?

Each week, we send out each producer/distributor’s list of items for sale. Members have about 24 hours after each email to send their orders in to Yes, it’s a quick turnaround, but it means you get the freshest items right when they’re in season! The order emails contain pickup information for each order. Pickup for most orders are on Wednesdays from 4PM – 6PM, and payment is due at pickup.

To sign up for the Buying Club, please contact us at at or call (719) 246-3801. Please leave a message on this line and we will get back to you as soon possible.

Why should I join?

The buying club is great for anyone who wants a great value for local, organically-raised food. Our buying club offers convenience, low prices, and a great opportunity to support local farms and producers.

What about the Cornerpost (egg and poultry) club?

We are proud to offer a new option for customers who want to buy locally raised eggs and poultry, both of which are currently unavailable for retail. For only $10/year membership, you can join the Cornerpost Club, which includes weekly availability of eggs and whole chicken from Cornerpost Meats in Monument. Place a standing weekly or monthly order, or let us know what you want each week! Pickup for the Cornerpost Club is on Fridays.