Summer Programs for Kids

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Days & Times:

Ages: Junior Farmhands – Students entering 2nd-5th grade, Fall 2016
Farm Animals/Wild Animals-Students entering 4th – 7th grade, Fall 2016
Farm to Fork – Students entering 5th – 8th grade, Fall 2016

Days & Times:

All Sessions Monday-Friday

Cost:  $145.00/$155.00


Farm Animals/Wild Animals – $145.00
4th-7th Graders
Sessions:  June 6-10*
(Sold Out, please email David Rudin for Wait List)

Back again, a summer program for budding biologists! Farmers have to be part animal caretaker and part wildlife biologist. Come see where the two meet as we explore the domestic and wild animals of Venetucci Farm. We’ll answer questions like: What reptiles and amphibians live on the farm? What kind of chicken lays a green egg? How does a Border Collie herd sheep? What kinds of animals leave their tracks along Fountain Creek? All these questions and more will be answered on this week long adventure.  Please note the sessions with * indicates there is a Family Cooking Class offered for $10/person with one parent required to attend.

Junior Farmhands $145.00
2nd-5th Graders
July 18-22
July 4-8* sold out, please email David Rudin for Wait List
June 20-24 sold out, please email David Rudin for Wait List

This is the program that started it all! Junior Farmhands dive into the life of the farm by working in the gardens, caring for our animals and exploring the diversity of life woven into the fabric of the farm. Activities range from collecting eggs, feeding chickens & grooming a horse to slopping the pigs, watering and weeding the gardens and planting seeds; maybe even helping harvest tasty snacks from the garden! This program is designed to give participants an opportunity to explore a wide variety of facets of farm life.  Please note the sessions with * indicates there is a Family Cooking Class offered for $10/person with one parent required to attend.

Farm to Fork: Cooking with Kids
5th-8th Graders $155.00
Sessions:  | August 1-5
(July 18-22 – sold out, please email David Rudin for Wait List)
For students entering 5th-8th grade (limit 10) Learn about the food, both plants and animals, raised on Venetucci Farm. Each day we will investigate a different culinary ingredient on the farm, learn how to harvest and then prepare our lunch together. This will include meeting the chickens, goats and pigs that live on the farm. For example, “Omelet Day” will involve learning about chickens, collecting eggs and herbs and then making a delicious omelet. We will be tasting many different vegetables and working together to create recipes that are healthy and appealing. After four days of chef training we will break into teams for a friendly Iron Chef competition to exhibit new skills by preparing lunch for our families.

Family Cooking Class – $10.00
This summer we will again have a cooking class extension for parents and campers. Parents, come help create a lunch fresh from the farm on the final Friday of each Session. Look for this option on the registration form. $10/person and must include at least one adult and one child. Other family members are of course welcome as well. Please Note:  * Indicates week where there is a Family Cooking Class.

Registration Information

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Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation one month prior to start date – full refund of registration fees;
Cancellation 2 weeks prior to start date – 50% of registration fees refunded;
No refund for cancellations within two weeks of class start date.

For more information, please contact David Rudin.