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Pumpkins for Kids


The Pumpkins for Kids give-away program started on a whim some 65 years ago.  The oft-repeated story tells of a time  when  Nick Venetucci was driving a truckload of pumpkins into town to sell when he saw a group of children staring in awe at his pumpkins.  He immediately noticed how each child’s eyes lit up when they saw all the big, orange pumpkins.  He stopped the truck and gave away all the pumpkins.  A teacher noticed the great act of kindness and asked Nick if she could bring her class to the farm to see the pumpkins.  Nick agreed and added that the kids could pick out their own pumpkin.  After that fateful fall, the Venetucci family invited lots of children to the pumpkin patch every season to pick out their very own pumpkin.  The pumpkin give-away became an annual event and Venetucci a household name, synonymous with generosity and kindness.

The Pikes Peak Community Foundation carries on this legacy today, hosting over 6,000 school children each fall. This special program exposes students to life on a working farm.  School groups get a chance to meet the animals raised at Venetucci farm including Tamworth pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, Nubian goats & Belgian draft horses, learn about healthy farming and soil production and of course visit the pumpkin patch.  To learn more about our Pumpkins for Kids program, please contact David Rudin.

Pumpkins for Kids 2017

We will be growing pumpkins in 2017! For two weeks in October we will open the farm to scheduled school groups. In addition to visiting the pumpkin patch to select their treasured orange orb, the school children will explore the farm by visiting education stations. At the stations they will be introduced to all the wonders of farm life, from the microscopic creatures below their feet to the gentle giants in the barn.

Information for teachers in 2017:

A Few Notes: Please review and share relevant info with students:

  • Arrival and Departure: Plan on arriving at and departing from the farm no later then your scheduled time. This is important to insure that other groups after yours have an opportunity to experience the farm as well
  • Appropriate Clothing: Close-toed shoes, socks, and blue jeans are the best way to avoid unpleasant encounters with cockleburs. Also, we will be outside the entire time, so students should be prepared for the ever-changing Colorado weather. This should include hats on sunny days. PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER TO BRING WATER BOTTLES AS WATER WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR VISITORS
  • Group Size & Child/Parent Ratio: 12-15 students maximum, with 3-4 adults is ideal. Breaking up larger groups will help move groups more smoothly through stations.
  • Nametags: All students should wear nametags with first and last name, school, and teacher on the off-chance that they get lost on the farm.
  • Parking: Busses and cars will be parked in separate areas. All vehicles will enter through St. Dominic’s Church main entrance. You will be directed to the appropriate parking area when you arrive.
  • Rain: Due to the large number of students scheduled to come, your time is good rain, sun or snow. Unfortunately we will not be able to reschedule if you are unable to attend.
  • Camera: Be sure to bring a camera to snap a photo of your class next to the Venetucci wagon!
  • Respect: Please be respectful and careful of the plants and animals, pick up your trash and be thankful for the opportunity to visit this farm thanks to the generosity of the Venetuccis, as well as all of the hard working farm staff that grow the vegetables and take care of the animals.

For dates and registration information, contact Education Coordinator David Rudin.