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Ways that you will benefit

Since 1928, Pikes Peak Community Foundation has been guiding individuals, organizations and families to help you identify and achieve your philanthropic goals. We invite you to learn more about working effectively with us – and across generations – to enhance your giving.

Getting Started

As you get started

  • Create a personal mission statement and grantmaking plan in your Welcome Packet.
  • Identify an investment strategy that works with your goals.
  • Learn about pressing community needs.
  • Focus on grantmaking opportunities that match your interests.
  • Make grants online or check your fund balance through Donor Central.
  • Attend a Community Foundation orientation.
Donor Central

After you have been giving awhile

  • Determine how much you want to give each year and create a Strategic Giving Plan.
  • Arrange site visits to nonprofit organizations.
  • Structure multi-year grants.
  • Review and analyze the impact of your charitable giving.
  • Participate in Community Foundation philanthropy workshops.
Workshop schedule
Elephant Center

As you look ahead

  • Understand how your donor-advised fund and your estate plan can work together to achieve your charitable goals.
  • Use your philanthropic planning and to create a giving legacy for your family
  • Involve your children in charitable activities, including naming them as successor advisors.
  • Address any questions about your fund and its grantmaking possibilities.

Let’s create the perfect plan for you

Get in touch

We are a personal advisor for you and your family, bringing wisdom and peace of mind when it is time to consider giving back to your community. We make philanthropy simple, fun, and transformational. Let’s get together to discuss how we can help you.

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Improving the World

Ready to open a fund?

If you are ready to start giving back to your community but need help navigating the right option for you, give us a call. We are happy to consult with you, free of charge. There is no one right fit for everyone and we work hard to come up with solutions that are specific to your needs. Whether they are with us at the Community Foundation or elsewhere.

  • Connector.

    Call us.

    We will consult with you around your goals, which charitable fund type works best for you, and how you want to go about your giving.

  • Connector.

    Select a name for your fund.

    You get a named charitable fund. It can be named for your family or for your favorite cause.

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    Make a deposit.

    You can transfer cash, stock, real estate, or any other asset-based gift into the fund and receive a charitable deduction immediately.

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    Choose how to invest.

    Your charitable dollars can grow over time through our pooled investment options.