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We value community investment

Places, physical locations, are tied to history, memories, and often regional identity. From Garden of the Gods to the newest workforce housing development, our community is formed by the places where we work, live, and play. The financial value of property can be translated into re-imagining our skyline, our neighborhoods, and your personal legacy.


A philanthropic sector that defines our landscape and built environment


Convert real estate into assets that advances our community’s values

Who We Are

We help people use real estate as a way to create community and a philanthropic legacy

About Us

Our role is to use real estate to build philanthropic capital. We accept real estate assets and convert those buildings and properties into the programs our community needs. Real estate will always be one of the most strategic gifts to give to philanthropy. From a tax perspective it can have the most benefit for a donor; for social impact, real estate is the basis from which we create the spaces we need in our community.

Our board is comprised of local leaders in our education, development, planning, building, and banking industries. They use their expertise to help our foundation make smart investments of philanthropic dollars into community projects that have a social return.

The People Who Make it Happen

Our Board

Margaret Dolan, President
Randy Case
Larry Gaddis
Mark Hille, Secretary & Treasurer
Chris Jenkins, Vice-Chair
Crystal LaTier
Dr. Pam Shockley-Zalabak, Chair
Alex Sullivan
Wendel Torres


Our Staff

Samuel Clark is the Executive Director of the Pikes Peak Real Estate Foundation. Most recently, he was the Director of Philanthropy at the Pikes Peak Community Foundation. He joined the Real Estate Foundation out of his desire to see our region use real estate assets to build the community we aspire to be. Samuel grew up in Colorado Springs; he loves the city’s potential and Pikes Peak’s constant presence. He has a BA in economics from Whitman College, and a Master of Public Affairs from the Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

To contact Samuel:
(719)445-0605  |


The Pikes Peak Real Estate Foundation advises PPCF and oversees our management and investments in the following projects

Aspen Valley Ranch

Gordon Jackson passed his charitable estate to PPREF so our community could learn about “nature’s beauty and its mysteries.” PPREF manages the property so that organizations such as Catamount Institute, Pikes Peak Community College, Woodland Park School District, and local nonprofit organizations use the ranch as a classroom in the great outdoors.

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PPREF Workforce Housing Fund

The PPREF Workforce Housing Fund pools investments from other local funders to support predevelopment planning for new workforce housing projects in the Pikes Peak Region.

The fund provides low-interest loans and technical support for new projects taking their housing concept to development.

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Completed Projects

Silverthorne Ski Condo

Real Estate is one of the most effective gifts to donate. A gift of real estate can capture the value of appreciated gains that would otherwise be paid in capital gains tax. In 2018, PPREF accepted and sold a ski condo. Proceeds from the sale were placed in a Donor Advised Fund. By gifting the condo to PPREF, the donor increased the value of their gift by $50,000 through avoided capital gains tax.

South Academy Station

In 2002, the foundation accepted South Academy Station. The property was sold in 2006 to Nor’Wood Development Company. Proceeds from the sale were placed into a Donor Advised Fund that granted nearly $5M in grants to our community over nearly four years. 

Venetucci Farm

Nick and Bambi made Venetucci Farm a community icon with their annual pumpkin giveaway. PPREF and PPCF manage the farm today as Bambi asked us to: The land is preserved from development by a conservation easement with the Colorado Open Lands, and every year thousands of kids still come to the farm to grab a pumpkin.

The farm works with a local flower farmer to continue the property's agricultural heritage. We are currently improving the barn and other facilities  to host community and private events.

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Hott Family Ranch

The Hott Family left an impressive legacy in Pagosa Springs. For generations, they shaped its history and its community. When RD Hott passed, PPREF and his estate preserved the family ranch for historical and conservation values. A portion of his land was converted to an endowment for the community that will fund western heritage, ensuring that the values that guided the Hott Family for generations can continue in Pagosa Springs for years to come.