Venetucci School Programs

Saving Seeds

The amazing world of seeds

Students learn about the biology of seeds as well as the importance of saving heirloom vegetable seeds. All classes learn about seed anatomy, germination and dispersal.

Spring classes focus on planting, and fall classes focus on collecting and saving seeds.

Key Concepts for Students

Grades K-2

  • Seeds contain different parts vital to the young plant
  • Seeds have different strategies to move from place to place
  • Seeds need basic conditions to germinate
  • Saving seeds helps us preserve rare vegetables

Grades 3-5

  • Seeds contain the blueprint for the grown plant
  • Saving seeds is crucial to preserve genetic diversity

Colorado Science Standards

Each class at Venetucci Farm is tailored to the needs and interests of groups from preschool to college. We will work with each individual teacher to find out what their class needs are and to emphasize the appropriate grade level science benchmarks.

Teacher Resources

Seed Savers Exchange: This Iowa non-profit keeps heirloom seed varieties viable. They are a great source for seeds and information.


Crop Trust: A fascinating site with information about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.


Native Seeds/ S E A R C H: This seed bank focuses more on the Southwest. It has active programs supporting Native American communities, who in many cases developed these seed varieties.

Registration & Key Info

Classes Begin September 5, 2017
To register please contact David Rudin, Education Coordinator

  • 15 student minimum per class
  • All classes are outdoors, please plan accordingly
  • Teachers and chaperones are invited free of charge
  • Cost is $5 per student