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Preserving a Legacy

Venetucci Farm is more than a farm, its a community icon. For years, Nick and Bambi Venetucci opened up their fields to thousands of children to give away pumpkins. In 2006, PPCF took over the Farm to preserve their legacy. We ensured the land would be protected forever, and that the pumpkin giveaway would continue after Nick and Bambi passed.

2019 Pumpkin Giveaway

Our pumpkin giveaway carries on the tradition Nick and Bambi started more than 50 years ago. This year, we’re continuing a successful partnership with Catamount Institute. The Venetucci Pumpkin Giveaway is reserved for student field trips. 

Catamount Institute provides a standards-based science curriculum to thousands of enrolled students who visit Venetucci Farm on school field trips every year. Partnering with Catamount for the pumpkin giveaway ensures each kid who visits the Farm gets a pumpkin and an educational experience.

Here are a few tmahings to remember for the pumpkin giveaway:

  • Nick Venetucci’s rule has always been that each kid has to carry their own pumpkin
  • The giveaway is only open to students who are scheduled through a school field trip

Looking for a place to bring your family? Click here to find pumpkin patches nearby!

To schedule a class field trip with Catamount Institute contact Marisa East.

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