Edson Foundation

Edson Foundation Lifts People Up

At the Edson Foundation, we understand that the human spirit knows no boundaries. We believe anyone can achieve anything. While we all are not born into the most ideal circumstances, we can overcome. We champion the curious, we celebrate the aspiring, we honor those who seek to learn and evolve. The Edson Foundation believes in the power of possibility and that people sometimes need a boost to hedge the hurdle.

Al Edson, the inspiration for the Edson Foundation, persevered in the most challenging of circumstances, time and time again. We are committed to funding projects and initiatives that support the determined, those with the tenacity to move forward in darkness toward the light.

Edson Foundation Values

  • Perseverance
  • Spirit of Overcoming
  • Initiative
  • Sustainability
  • Curiosity

Funding is going towards Peak Education’s Full Steam Ahead program that fosters intellectual curiosity and inspires academic achievement through creative explorations in science, the arts, and technology.


Solid Rock Community Development Corporation’s Civic Ambassador Program (CAP) provides a structured and innovative approach to engaging youth in civics that fosters hope and opportunity for youth in Southeast Colorado Springs.

The Life of Al Edson – pdf link

Educational programs/initiatives that

  • promote empowerment;
  • encourage innovation;
  • help in personal development;
  • provide mentoring;
  • encourage creativity.

Nonprofit agencies that provide people

  • personal growth and development skills;
  • pro-social behaviors;
  • job skills and placement;
  • pursuit of education.

The Edson Foundation's Board reviews applications once per year. To be considered in this year's grant cycle, Letters of Interest must be submitted by May 30 through our grant portal.

Applicants will be invited to submit a full application based on the Letter of Interest. Applications must be submitted by September 6.