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Giving back –
your way

People choose the Pikes Peak Community Foundation as their philanthropic partner because we make giving back simple, flexible and transformational. We offer a range of giving options to serve every donor and almost every interest.

You have many gift-giving options

How and what you give depends on what you want to accomplish with your giving. Our philanthropic advisory staff is always happy to sit down with you to discuss the best giving options for you. We also encourage you to discuss your plans with your professional advisor.


Quick and easy. Gifts of cash can be made with a simple check or bank transfer. Receive a charitable gift tax deduction at the time of gift into a fund.

Stocks, bonds, mutual funds

Receive a charitable gift tax deduction for the full fair market value and avoid paying capital gains tax. These options can provide greater tax benefits than a cash gift of the same amount.

Real estate

A home, business property, or land can be can be gifted into a fund that produces income. Receive a deduction for the value of the appraised market value and avoid capital gains tax.

Life insurance

Add the Community Foundation as a primary, secondary or contingent beneficiary of your policy. You can also receive a tax deduction for the computed current value of a paid-up policy or premium payments for a new policy.

Closely held stock

Receive a charitable deduction for the appraised fair market value and avoid tax on the capital gain. Later, the company may redeem or another shareholder may buy back the stock at its fair market value.

401K + IRAs

Use your retirement benefits to work for you, your family, and charity. Add the Community Foundation as a beneficiary to the remaining balance or the annual distribution and pass assets tax-free.

Create your own fund

The Community Foundation helps individuals, families, nonprofits and corporations achieve their philanthropic goals. Each fund held at the Community Foundation has its own purpose and meaning. Grants from these funds strengthen our community and the lives of the people here. Whatever your giving goals might be, the Community Foundation can create a fund to help you make the most of your philanthropy.

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Quote from a Fund holder

“Establishing a fund at the Community Foundation is the solid rock you want underneath you and to hang on to when you are ascending a mountain. You want to know it is there for you. It gives you comfort.”

Types of funds

Fund options are tailored to you and what you wish to accomplish. Some donors prefer to support the broad, ever-changing needs of the community. Others wish to have more hands-on involvement in grantmaking. All funds provide the opportunity to create a lasting legacy that carries on your name or the name of a loved one.

  • Donor Advised Fund

    Allow individuals and families to play an active role in their ongoing charitable giving. We help you articulate your goals, allow you to recommend grants to nonprofit organizations of your choosing, then we execute your plan for you.

  • Designated Fund

    Designed to reflect the specific interests of a donor. These funds are typically endowed or set to spend down over a certain number of years. Grant distributions are designated for a specific nonprofit organization.

  • Field of Interest

    Contribute into a pooled endowed fund with a competitive grant process and support your favorite cause.  Current field of interest funds include the arts, environmental conservation, youth development, visually impaired and community development.

  • Nonprofit Fund

    Provides endowment funding for a specific nonprofit organization. The organization can build the fund over time. The nonprofit benefiting from the fund can take annual distributions in perpetuity.

  • Endowed or Non-endowed

    All funds have the option to be endowed or non-endowed. Permanently endowed funds protect the corpus and each year a percentage of the fund’s balance is used for grants.  Non-endowed funds allow for the entire balance to be spent.

Getting started is easy

When you create a charitable fund within the Community Foundation, you create an enduring legacy that reflects your charitable values now and into the future. Consulting with the appropriate professionals can assist you. Discussing your charitable intentions with us can lead to a much better result than going it alone – and will ensure that your gift is used just as you wish. Contact Samuel Clark, Director of Philanthropy at (719) 389-1251 or to help you select the right plan to accomplish your goals.

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