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As experts in philanthropy with in-depth knowledge of community issues, we work closely with advisors and their clients to make it easy to establish customized charitable funds and achieve their philanthropic goals.

Partners in Giving

We consider attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, investment managers, insurance agents and other professionals to be our partners in the charitable giving process. We want to be a resource for you, and help you and your clients understand the many ways they can support their community and achieve their charitable goals.  Whether your clients are planning for the future, selling a business or stock options, or managing an inheritance, you can help them achieve their financial goals by working with us. The Community Foundation is a single, convenient vehicle for meeting a variety of your clients’ charitable interests.  With expertise in planned gifts, fundholder service, and grantmaking we can work with you to tailor a fund to meet your client’s needs today or through their wills or deferred giving arrangements.

Do you have clients who:

  • Want to join a community of local charitable citizens who care?

  • Are making regular charitable donations?

  • Are considering creating a charitable vehicle?

  • Want to be charitable in their estate plans?

  • Want to involve future generations in philanthropy?

  • Have experienced a major financial life event?

  • Need to maximize their tax strategy?

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We seek opportunities where philanthropic resources can make a difference. Whether you are looking to open a philanthropic fund for yourself or are hoping to leave a charitable or family legacy, we can help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

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