Stories about giving back

Jim and Peggy Strub

Founding an Endowment

Jim Strub called us just before his 88th birthday. He was working out the details of his estate, but had one lingering concern: he wanted the peace of mind to know that what remained of his wealth would go to the ministry he and his late wife Peggy valued most — the church they helped plant in 2004.

To Jim, ensuring the church’s future was a important as supporting its beginning. He established an endowed designated fund that will accept complex assets from his bequest, and transform them into stable funding for the church decades from now, and beyond.

Wes and Charlotte Howard

From Vision to Action

Wes and Charlotte Howard came to us with a vision, but they didn’t know where to start.

They wanted to strengthen the pipelines for students entering the trades, and for nurses who want to support their rural communities.

PPCF helped Wes and Charlotte establish scholarships with several institutions to meet their goals. Their fund allows them to engage in complex giving without the administrative burden.

Ben and Raynelle Kuckel

More Than Just Volunteering

Ben and Raynelle moved to Colorado to be near family. After 55 years on the East Coast, it didn’t take long for the Pikes Peak Region – America’s Mountain – to become home.

The Kuckels are active volunteers, artists, and outdoor adventurers. Their Donor Advised Fund allows them to put structure around their philanthropy and to intentionally plan for the transfer of their estate, funding the things that they love.

Their fund has special meaning to them because it celebrates the day of their wedding. They honor that anniversary with grants to nonprofits that remind them of why life is so important.