Everett Charitable Trust

Focus: Nonprofit Endowment

In 2018 and 2019, Everett Charitable Trust has a focus on building the capacity of nonprofits to start or grow their own endowment fund in order to protect the future health of nonprofits.

History and Funding Focus

Everett Charitable Trust

  • The Everett Trust was created in 2001 from the estate of Esther M Everett. Her desires were to fund charitable projects in the Pikes Peak region.
  • Historically, a competitive grant application process was administered to award funding. There will not be an application process in 2018 or 2019. Instead, workshops will be offered to nonprofits to grow their capacity to grow their own endowment.
  • In 2018, workshops and technical assistance will be offered to nonprofits.
  • Intensive endowment building technical assistance will be provided to a small cohort of nonprofits who currently hold an endowment fund with Pikes Peak Community Foundation. This will be a pilot project to assess effectiveness.


  • June-September 2018: Four workshops focused on endowment building will be offered to nonprofits.
  • October 2018: Intensive technical assistance program will launch with select cohort.
  • There is no competitive application in 2018 or 2019.

Join us at a workshop!

We will keep this section updated with upcoming endowment building workshops in 2018. These will be open to all nonprofits.


Endowment Readiness

We believe in the power of long-term sustained funding for nonprofits that will see you through the future. It takes work. Here is a checklist of items that will prepare you for an endowment. We aim to provide training and technical assistance in these areas.

  • Do you have a clear vision for the future?
  • Do you have a strategic plan to achieve your vision?
  • Do you have a solid donor base?
  • Do you have a donor stewardship program?
  • Do you have a planned giving program?
  • Do you experience consistent financial stability?
  • Do you have six months of operational funding in reserves?
  • Do you have strong staff and board leadership?
  • Do you have staff time and expertise to pursue an endowment strategy?
  • Do you have board members who are ready to personally make lead gifts toward an endowment?

If you have questions about the Everett Charitable Trust, contact Eula Tatman at 719-389-1251, or email