Co-funding Initiative

Giving Together

Collective impact

Local funders have united to pool their giving in order to address important community issues. Each year, they research pressing community needs and leverage their impact by giving together.

Participating Funders

Giving Together

Each year, new funders are invited to participate in the year-long co-funding initiative. Each funder commits a minimum of $5,000 toward the pooled grant fund. Many funders decide to give more. The pooled Giving Together fund is $75,000 was 2018.

The participating funders for 2018 are Moniker Foundation, Strub-Heer Fund at PPCF, Leighty Foundation, RNR Foundation, Dakota Foundation, Petritz Foundation and the Everett Fund at PPCF.

This year, the focus of the grant is for transitional housing that provides trauma-informed care for youth and/or families with children transitioning to independent living.

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